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Gateway to the Massif des Bauges

The Albanais is located at the foot of the Massif des Bauges
Rumilly is one of the six gateway towns to the Massif des Bauges regional natural park

The Albanais in the Savoie country is the perfect gateway to exploring the massif des Bauges. From Rumilly, it takes 20 minutes by car to reach the heart of the Bauges and its wild flora and fauna.



The Massif des Bauges Regional Nature Park is part of the French Northern Alps, it is a mountainous region located about one-hour away from the three airports of Lyon, Geneva and Grenoble. It is surrounded by the two largest natural lakes of France, the Lac du Bourget and the Lac d’Annecy, as well as by the three “Art and History” cities of Chambéry, Albertville and Annecy. Much like a natural island emerging from an urbanized sea, this rocky fortress has a strong cultural identity.

The landscapes of this massif are a patchwork of forests and meadows. On one hand, more than half of its surface is covered with forests, bringing important wood resources for the local economy (carpenters, joiners, …). On the other hand, the meadows cover one third of the territory, and are used for the herds of cows, sheep and goats to pasture. The high altitude meadows are also a prized hiking destination for cheese lovers…

Aside from the forests and the meadows, drylands and rocky areas complete this mosaic to create a great natural diversity of landscapes and habitats, favorable to its rich floristic and faunistic patrimony. More than 1,300 flower species have indeed been spotted (one fifth of the total French floristic diversity), such as the well-known (and protected) lady’s slipper and blue thistle. Over a hundred animal species also live in the Bauges, such as the royal eagle, the peregrine falcon, the black grouse, or the emblematic chamois which can often by approached if hiking silently.

The peculiar geography of this territory, as well as its history, result in an specific architectural patrimony composed of rural hamlets linked to the agricultural activities, and rural villages with a more urbanized old-town (Le Chatelard, Faverges, Montmélian,…). More than thirty sites and museums, spattered over the entire territory, testify of the history of this massif, inhabited since the Neolithic period, as well as of its popular culture and arts and crafts.

Its ancient agricultural traditions have also resulted in a large variety of products, such as cheese of incomparable taste : Reblochon, Abondance, Chevrotin, Emmental, Tomme de Savoie , and of course the Tome des Bauges ! What a tasteful dish ! Also to be noted the apples and pears of Savoie, as well as Savoie’s wines (Vins de Savoie) in which the subtle aromas of the vineyards and the traditional crafts of their owners bring out the best of the grapes. Other delightful products are also to be discovered along the way : honey, home-made ice-cream, aromatic plants, chocolate, snails… A true bliss for the taste…

The outdoor also offers a variety of natural sports which will entice each and every one all year long : paragliding, speleology, canyoning, rock-climbing, via ferrata, biking, hiking and trekking, swimming, and not to forget skiing and snowshoes hiking !


You can find all the information and documentation about the Massif des Bauges in the Albanais in the Savoie country Tourist Office (in Rumilly).


For further information:

Tourist office of Rumilly en Pays de Savoie

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