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Favorite hikes in the Albanais

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The Albanais counts about twenty marked routes, from 30 minutes to 6 hours walk. Here, 3 of them, ideal for families with soft elevation and promise of beautiful panoramas and remarkable curiosities along the way !

Le sentier de la pomme ("The apple walk")

This family walk near Rumilly, in the municipality of Boussy (departure situated in the village hall), alternate path through the woods and other more rustic in which several orchards flourish. With an intense biodiversity, they're home to many apple trees. Hence the name of the trail, which is also a nod to the local star variety, Croison Boussy. According to the legend, this small yellow and red apple was brought from Russia by Napoleon's Old Guard.

Bucolic loop and sometimes even wild, the apple walk is the preferred training ground of Alain Favre. Inhabitant of Boussy, village of which he is one of the municipal elected representatives, this IT specialist is a big amateur of trail. Several times a week, he travels along the 8 km of this rolling route of which he doesn't grow tired. "The path offers a magnificent view on the Semnoz, the Revard, the Margeriaz and the mountain of Bauge, with in the background the chain of Belledonne. Along the way, we can admire several fortified manor houses, as the Castle of Lupigny (15th century) in which the owner fitted out guest houses". Alain Favre is particularly fond of the part of the trail which goes near the Cheran for the freshness when it's very hot.

"Count maxi 2h30 to complete this varied circuit, by making the most of the landscape", specifies this nature lover. And for those who would want to extend their escapade, Alain indicates that the apple walk is the starting point of many other trails that you can discover at the Tourist office of the Albanais.

Village de Boussy


Le sentier de l'écureuil ("The squirrel 's trail")

Created in 2009, the squirrel's trail starts in the city of Massingy (at the locality of Pringy) for a 2 hours-walk approximately. For Jean-Luc Bernard, mayor of the village, this path, registered on the PDIPR (departmental plan of the walks and hikes) is simply one of the most beautiful of the region! Progressing between forests and plains, it offers a magnificent panorama on all the Albanais and the summits of the Bauges, Bornes and Aravis, especially the Semnoz and the Tournette. "I advise the walkers to borrow the variant of the circuit, which leads up to the site where paraglidings and hang-gliders take-off in Cessens, via the Col of Sapenay. It adds 40 min to the main route, but at the end, you will be rewarded by the exceptional view on the Lac du Bourget, Chautagne and, far off, mountains of the Bugey and Jura, where you can distinguish the Grand Colombier. It's really a privileged place to enjoy the ballet of the paragliders and contemplate the view ".

This trail is well named ! In all the undergrowth crossed, it's easy to perceive squirrels making their stocks of food for winter. Also, the early risers can surprise a pack of chamois which visit assiduously the mountain of Cessens.

Possibility of joining other strolls from the circuit, as the wild boar's trail (3 hours-walk).

Le sentier offre une vue exceptionnelle sur le lac du Bourget

Practice: the rundowns-cards of these two paths are for sale in the Tourist Office of the Albanais. It indicates for each of them the direction to follow, the list of all the curiosities along the way (natural heritage and monument) and the panoramas to which they give access (1€ the card, 5€ the pack of 7 cards)


Le sentier du Chéran sauvage (The wild Chéran's trail)

3rd favorite hike of our selection: the path of interpretation of the wild Chéran, real ode to Mother Nature! By following it, we discover that there aren't only in Ireland and in Alaska that remain protected streams, Grail of the sport fishing lover! Indeed, in the Albanais run one of the last French wild rivers, the Chéran. "It is a real nugget, a paradise for the flora and fauna ", enthuse Pascal Grillet, secretary of the AAPPMA of the Albanais. It obtained very recently in July 2016 the label "wild rivers" created by the Fund for the Preservation of the wild rivers in France.

The association of the fishermen of the Albanais and his counterpart of the Châtelard are at the origin of the wild Chéran's trail, created as part of the Leading European program. This educational route allows to explore in family and along the water, this remarkable natural heritage and its neighborhood. It was fitted out for the last year on a section of the river going from the fishermen's hut of Cusy, till the beginning of the forest towards gorges, in the direction of the Abîme Bridge. This 1h30-walk aim for enhancing the exceptional aquatic environment of Chéran to the general public, and to develop the fishing tourism on the territory. It's marked out by about fifteen devices of information (panels, sound borders) which the red thread is the wild trout of the Chéran. They inform about the stream, its biodiversity with its symbolic species of whom the famous crawfish in white feet, but also his immediate environment. The circuit is also coupled with the geologic path "the Chaos of Chéran" of the regional natural reserve of the massif of Bauges, water and geology being intimately bound.

Interactive route in autonomy, it will soon come along with an educational notebook for the children and with a snakes and ladders game. A playful support which should delight your little explorers and maybe future fishermens. "We can also discover the Chéran with Fred Pégeot, instructor- fishing guide at the Natural Fishing Centre to have more information", specifies Pascal Grillet. For him, the best moments of the day to travel along this path are unmistakably the morning or at the end of the day. Regardless the season, you will live different sensory experiences.

La rivière du Chéran

©Actumontagne pour l'OT de l'Albanais

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